Sunday, January 31, 2016

December 4, 2015


  1. Holy smokes, she's hot! Been a fan of Darlene for years; this must be among her very best looks!

  2. Dec 4 was too good to delay, Darlene looking as good as claimed! Can't wait for more from this day! Any chance you can sneak in a shot of Emily West from 12/4 also?

    Darlene at it again on Tue 12/8. Cleavage not quite as deep as 12/4, but more peek-a-boo in purple. However there is a great "lean-in" in the Today Show tease box which displayed quite a bit of the goods, including a patented wide open mouthed laugh from DRod! Lauren also struts her stuff in a tight red top!

  3. Another great start of my day thanks to the incredible Darlene Rodriguez! Love her dress, hair, makeup, and smile this morning. Looking flawless!

    1. Beat me to it! Darlene rocking the cleave again on WED 12/9 in a dark blue, white trimmed V-neck dress. Lauren also very perky in a form fitting grey dress!

  4. Ah! The long awaited Dec 4 update. Darlene magnificent on this date! Thanks for the Emily add also.

    Came by to add that DDRod is at it again on Wed 2/3 Aqua V-Neck and Lauren curvy in grey!

  5. Darlene was simply flawless this morning (2/3) - hair, makeup, radiant smile, amazing dress, perfect cleavage, even a thigh-high slit that sadly was kept under the desk. NYC can't get enough of DRod!

  6. Alert for 2/10 Darlene in purple V-Neck with peekaboo cleavage. Lauren in tight white dress and guest co anchor Kerry Barrett curvy in blue!

  7. Wednesday continues to be cleavage day this winter.
    DRod rocking the red-V-neck on 2/17 today!
    Lauren in purple today. Any updates coming soon?