Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 29, 2014


  1. Totally Awesome Darlene4nyblogspot guy! Loved Darlene's peekaboo and Savannah's during the piggie segment. Also Darlene's literal jaw drop when Savannah propped her leg up was priceless! Beautiful Woman! Thanks for including Emily West too! Like that she's the physical opposite of Lauren, yet can appreciate both! Hoping you might include a couple of Emily in he V-neck Yellow dress from Wednesday, she looked good in that especially! Thanks again!

    1. Darlene is always awesome! Agree about Emily in her yellow V-Neck too from WED 4/30.! Lauren returned from sick leave spectacularly on Friday 5/2. Tight, violet dress with short skirt AND rare cleavage from her too! Darlene had her green dress on today with tight top looking as only Darlene can look! But Lauren took the prize today!